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PC: Re: Nashville E units

The two E's are repaints but are ex-nyc to my understanding (E survivor page
and in close examination of detals).  Paint alone on the units cost
thousands and they do look great!  As for the ex-PRR unit, it is ex-dinner
train, and I was told in PC black when it arrived down here.  I have been
TOLD (I very well could be wrong)that they were unreliable.  This is what I
was told when I asked why the last run of the season used all three units to
pull a 12 car train.    This information came from the brass and others
involved in the TC museum.

Good on the BN units, but boy do they look rough (one did go to broadway
service (I have not seen it as it is on the "down" end of the train, but the
other is supposedly ex PC, appears ex-nyc in details, and it is on the "up"
end, and it can be seen right across from the Hard Rock Cafe).  I forget
what toll the weather takes on stuff up north.   I drive past all of this
stuff to and from work.  Why and when were these units retired??  I see that
at least METRA is using new EMD locos similar to FP-40s now, I watch them
from my hotel window whenever I stay in Chicago.

Garrett Rea

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Date: Monday, December 21, 1998 11:09 PM
Subject: PC: Nashville E units

>The two New York Central-painted E units in Nashville may not originally
>be from NYC, but the paint is an outstanding reproduction. 5764 is a
>former Pennsy unit that was sold to the Tennessee Central Museum by the
>Broadway Dinner Train, also in Nashville; 5764 came from MBTA. These
>locomotives run well; I've worked behind them and they did the job. 5764
>may be the only true PC locomotive in Nashville.
>The four ex-BN E units look rough due to old paint and some sheet metal
>rust, but BN rebuilt them all when they were in commuter service. Some
>listings classify them as E10's because of the rebuilding.
>On a different topic, how NS stencils their locomotives may depend on
>what name is used by the joint operating company.
>Bryan Turner
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