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PC: Penn Central decals in HO scale

Here's some miscelleanous ramblings on the subject.  There's an outfit
called The Middle Division who has PRR decals.  I used one of their decals
to update a Westerfield G22 to the late PRR era.  It took a long time to
get the decals but they did come through.  Also I've delt with both After
Hours and Rail Graphics to have custom decals made.  But this was back in
the days when I had my own railroad name.  Off in the future I have some
early Amtrak projects like the former PC E8 4316 and an Rs3  switcher, but
to have decals made for these one would have to have accurate dimenstions. 
I have photos and a not-to-scale drawing but I don't think that is enough. 
Finally, If anyone orders a 200-decal rerun from Champ, post a notice so
that some of us can help defray the expense.  I hope they charge the
wholesale cost and give a volume discount!
Mike B

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