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PC: Re: Interest in Penn Central decals in HO scale

I am having a hard time finding some PC decals.  I would be interested any PC decal sets.   Garrett, I am not only in the south, I am practically a next door neighbor. 
Mark Nolan
Clarksville, TN
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From: Garrett Rea <glrea@earthlink.net>
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Cc: Fred Gehret Rea <fredrea@juno.com>
Date: Thursday, December 17, 1998 5:19 PM
Subject: PC: Interest in Penn Central decals in HO scale

I have had correspondence with Jerry Jordak in regards to PC decals.  I am sure that most if not all are well aware of the limited number of sets available now that Champ has discontinued many sets and that Herald King has gone out of business.  (I have been told by another decal manufacturer that despite many contacts to the present owner of Herald King that there is no interest in producing or selling the line or even returning messages.)  As far as decals, I have seen other groups, clubs, and individuals have custom sets made.  Examples include some of the sets listed in the by the SCL historical society on their website and several sets made for my father's ficticous Pittsburgh Muskingum and Hocking.  The purpose of this message is to find out if there are any others that feel that this may be something to undertake.  Obviously, the larger the order or the bigger the market, then the more there will be willingness for someone to take on such a project.
I have had two thoughts that I feel could be practical and would at least be a good starting point-
1.  Varrious sized logos in white and black and PENN CENTRAL text sets as well.  These can be used for most cars, and dimesional and other data can be obtained from other sets or available sources.  
2.  "PENN CENTRAL" font letters and numbers, uses include: cars, towers, stations, reporting marks (P & E), etc.  Once again in black and white, and assorted prototypical sizes. 
If anyone out there is interested in such a project, have started one, or know of a decal maker or hobbyist that is willing to listen, please respond. 
Garrett Rea
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
P.S. any other PC modlers or fans here in the South??

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