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Re: PC: GP30/SD45 model paint

Ken Thompson writes:

> Nice web page and pics.  I really like the PC Geep & SD45.  What color
> paint did you use on these. It looks "right"?

Thanks for the positive comments.  The image on the web page doesn't do the
subjects any justice. I scanned a Kodachrome at 1200 dpi, then had to
shrink the resulting mega-JPG to something that wouldn't hog up the entire
AOL account. :^)

As for my color, it is my own special blend I call Penn Central black.
I start with an generic engine black, then add something lighter. Usually
whatever I have on hand, either NYC light grey or white in moderation.
The trick is not to get too light, unless you want to model one of the
"complete paint failure" examples prevalent on the Penn Central. The intent
is to make the black a little less black to help pop up the highlights.
The secondary benefit to my lack of strict formula is that locos painted
with different batches of the paint have slightly different "looks."

The remainder of the ap[pearance is accomplished using artists chalks. 
Applying black chalk over black paint can help tone down areas that may be
too light.  It also provides a sooty appearance.  Rust (dark brown and some
orange, used very carefully) complete the effect. Lighter colors can be
used on black locos to pop up grille and step details.

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