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Re: PC: PCHS By-laws

I do have some data on the BR&P line into Perry. It is in a number of B&O
employee timetables I have for the Buffalo Division. It carried its last
passengers out of Perry on August 1, 1951, freight service was discontinued in
June 1973, with GP9s being the last type of diesels used there. The line once
had automatic block signals and was signalled in both directions. A passing
siding was located at Silver Lake and there was another siding up the line  f
or placement of cars servicing the old water pump house and the ice house.
Crossing Walker Road, you would find a spur diverging from the main track
going up a grade to the Kaustine Tank Company, while another spur up the line
just past MP7 and the outlet trestle, served Duracraft (now Champion's Tempest
Street plant, since closed) and crossing Federal Street, on the northeside of
Federal Street, you would find a small yard, engine shop facility,and of
course, the depot, which was torn down in February of this year. Back of what
until this year had been theAgway feed store,  there was another spur track
that ran back of the building, which (the track, that is) was removed fairly
recently. A 70 foot turntable, the remains of which can be seen from the road
was a feature of the Perry terminal. In its final years, freight service
operated 3-four times a week. Depot in Perry was closed in 1963 and used by
Sedam's as a tire  warehouse almost to its end. I hope this will help.

Jim Mancuso

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