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PC: Web pages... finally!

Hi fellow PC fans.  After being a member of the internet for over 15 years
now, (yes, I was on the "net" back in the 80's) it's about time I finally
had a few web pages of my own, eh?

The only problem from a "Net Savvy" point of view is that they are on AOL.
I'm only going to pay for one ISP, and I was voted down by the wife and

So, if you are interested in seeing some of my Penn Central HO scale models
and some examples of my photography, point your web browsers at:


Right now, everything seems to work with the exception of a couple of
images that were cut up. (On my model page, no less!)  Hopefully they'll
get fixed tonight.

I'll update them from time to time.  First up will be a fourth page with 
featuring my most recent photos from wherever I happen to be shooting.
Usually Colorado, but from time to time, I'll dip into the archive...

Gene Fusco        | (970) 206-5405         Gene.Fusco -AT- lsil.com     KB0ZMZ
S/W Development   |   Why do I take pictures of trains?
LSI Logic Inc.    |   Because they're too big to take home.
Fort Collins CO.  |                                                

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