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Re: PC: Re: North White Plains station in PC days

NYC4600 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone remembers the pre-1971/1972 station set up at North
> White Plains, NY, on the Harlem Division, when Penn Central was operating it.
> I know the set up dated back to the New York Central days of electrification
> to this location in 1910, and I also know that it was in 1971 or 1972 that
> these interesting 3 seperate station facilities at one stop were combined with
> the construction of the high level platforms.
> To begin, does anyone remember the actual station building on the east side of
> the tracks near the entrance to the yard?  If so, did this station building
> have an active station agent/ticket agent and waiting room until the time it
> was torn down?
> Did Penn Central keep the name of the stop White Plains - North Station until
> the time it was torn down, or did Penn Central ever re-name this station to
> North White Plains?  Was the then new high level platform station facility
> ever called White Plains - North Station?
> Lastly, does anyone know what year exactly the old station was torn down?  If
> so, were temporary boarding facilities ever located at this old station for
> the 1972 M-1 "Metropolitan" MU cars, or was the new station completed and
> opened by the time of the arrival of the then new electric MU cars?
> Thanks ahead of time.
> John W.
  There was a platform on the east side (Brewster)  and then
  two platforms  just a bit further north or east
  These were to change engines  The New York trains stopped at a
  platform where there was only a platform and a roof
  The northbound trains pulled up and backed in to the platform
  where the current station is now
  The new station was put up in pieces first with a temporary
  high level platform before the overpass bridge was built
  The engine changes were eliminated once the FL9s were brought
  over on the commuter and Chatham trains.  The Chatham trains 
  were the last ones to have the E units
  I watched an engine change in Jan 1970 there and frequently
  made trips there after that
  I believe the station was finished in late 1972
  Im sure the station name was changed you would have to look 
  in the employee timetables.  That would also tell you when the
  new station was put in service
  Are you from around there?  Im originally from Conn.
  Henry Frick  Ft Worth TX

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