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PC: PC GP-38s w.o. DBs

Dear List Members,

Penn Central had GP-38s without dynamic brakes.  As far as locomotive

numbering, they were in the 2000s, and ran on Penn Central(PC) 

trackage near the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines(PRSL) lines,                                                                
during PC.  I believe the PRSL ordered the locomotives from EMD*, but 

EMD doubted the ability of the PRSL to pay for them.  Penn Central was 

in better financial condition, at least to EMD, so it ended up with  

the units.  The information is in Penn Central Power which I do not                                                                       
have with me.  Thank you.               

                                       James Koo 

* Electro Motive Division of General Motors                                                                                               






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