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Looks like I mixed up some numbers:

Athearn kit must come as an LV 8200, which was an X58B

50 similar Insulated cars in "jade" green were numbered in the 7100 series,
not the 8100 series (that consisted of about 5 40' boxcars in 1975).  I see
these now and then going to a local brewery, painted in CR brown of course.
 These have different rib patterns and may also be an X65 style car - X58
has 9 panels and the 7100 has 8 panels, X58 has narrow end ladders and the
7100 has wide rails that only went 4 steps high.

LV X58B's got the roofwalks removed and ladders shortened under LV
ownership, PRR/PC cars may have gotten the same treatment - 

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

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