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Re: PC: Green

> what the page says.  Still if you are a "hard core" PC fan you might 
> consider PC green the next time you spruce up the house.


This strikes to close to home... really.  

I'm in the process of getting bids on repainting our home.  I suggested
to my wife that we paint the house "Deep Water Green", and she said "Oooh,
that sounds like a nice color, what's it look like?"  I promptly showed her
a PC box car I had handy. (You can't swing a dead Baldwin without hitting
one in my house)  The look on her face was priceless, and also conveyed the
message; over my dead body...

My second suggestion was Tuscan red with 5 gold pinstripes around the
middle.  She promptly left the room.  

Well, she should know better than to bother me with silly questions while
I'm building models. :^)

She's leaving tomorrow to visit her parents for a couple of weeks and I
think she is nervous about what she may find when she gets home. :^)

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