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Re: PC: What If

Someone wrote that "The Wreck of the Penn Central" was an excellent book. I
agree; it gives quite an insight the the behind-the-scenes machinations up to,
through, and after the merger.

With that book as reference, distasteful as it might be to railfans, the facts
seem to bear out that PC's diversification allowed it to continue for many
months before finally collapsing in upon itself. Had it not been for the real
estate and some other non-railroad business, PC wouldn't have lasted as long
as it did! All the reasons sited, such as incompatable management systems
(computers), failure to consolodate yards, lack of trust between Reds and
Greens, and unprofitable branches and loss of business to trucking cost the
rail business lots of money. Although not every non-rail business was a
winner, the non-rail business kept the trains running.


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