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Re: PC: Worms, Ovals, Keystones and ...

     You are so right.  I LOVE electric.  I would choose electric over 
steam.  It's still hard to believe that a 1934 GG-1 could deliver almost 
as much HP as an SD-80MAC, and then it could overload to 8000hp, that's 
Q2 power.  I am so upset regarding the fate of electrifacation in the 
country.  What really did it in is Amtrak.  They raised the price for CR 
to opperate on its electrified zone and then CR scrapped its fleet.  I 
also regret the PRR not electrifying through to Pittsburg with a fleet 
of DD-1s hualing the tonnage over the curve.  If that had happened I 
could see an electric Conrail today.  I won't be happy untill every 
track mile of electricfacation has been restored.  Also I was wondering 
if anybody has information on the PC/NH E-33's.  I had some pictures of 
E-33's (PC, NH and CR blue) on my hard drive, but they vanished.  I also 
hae a pic of a newly painted CR blue GG-1 #4800, hot stuff. 
               -Long live "Rivetts" best of them all.

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