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PC: Ex-PC Locomotives on the UP

DougTblood -AT- aol.com wrote:
> The 76xx's were re-built and refinanced in 1984 after Guilford took over
> and became B&M 350-369 due to the D&H's toilet like financial rating; they
> were returned to Mellon Bank a few years ago and now toil for the UP.

PC locomotives also found a home on UP.  When in UP territory, keep your
eyes peeled for the following GP-40s:

UP 860 -- originally NYC 3076 
UP 861 -- originally NYC 3065
UP 862 -- originally NYC 3082
UP 863 -- originally NYC 3091
UP 872 -- originally NYC 3074 
UP 873 -- originally NYC 3073 
UP 884 -- originally NYC 3101 

UP has been chronically short of power for the last few years, but is
buying AC4400s like gangbusters.  The old, less efficient GP-40s
probably won't last that much longer.

Gary Stuebben
San Antonio, TX

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