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Re: PC: Micro Trains

In a message dated 98-07-28 12:05:01 EDT, Icepengwyn -AT- aol.com writes:

<< A friend at the KC train show said that the new N scale Micro-Trains car is
 50' covered gondola, first road will be New Haven >>

That reminds me- does anyone have a list of every MicroTrains/Kadee N car ever
offered in Penn Central ?   For example, I'm aware that their 40' boxcar has
been run in at least 3 roadnumbers over the years- 103601, 103309, and I
believe 103800; but I'm only aware of the 50' double door boxcar offered
twice, as 174707 and 174433 and one gondola, run as # 365610.  

Actually, at this stage, I'd imagine it probably wouldn't be all that
difficult to put together a list of all N scale cars ever offered in PC
roadname by any manufacturer.  (A checklist perhaps?)


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