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Re: PC: What if

>  Someone on a previous post mentioned a book on Braniff Airlines -- Braniff fans
> and PC fans have a lot in common. -- Even though both were separate modes of
> transportation, both companies, as they were in the 1970's, had A LOT in common
> in terms of management problems and that "underdog" stigma, but both that
> certain appeal.

	It was I who mentioned it, and as I get further and further in "Splash
of Colors" (the Braniff book) I can see that you aren't just a kiddin'.
Both companies were reborn (in Braniff's case it was Harding Lawrence
taking the reins, and the merger with PC), and there were tremendous
expectations for success. Both got too big too quickly with 
under-trained lower management (In both cases the top management wasn't
toooooo bad, though they had their low points). Both had several little
glitches that ate away at them internally. And both had one major
obstacle in their way. Regulation. Although ironically it worked
completely opposite directions (In Braniffs case deregulation of the
Airline industry by the CAB, left Braniff in a bad spot. All of a sudden
their bread and butter routes were up for grabs by anybody. In PC's case
the ICC did not help matters by allowing abandonments of non-profit
lines. No Regulation, and very tough regulation, both killers of
industry.) It is an interesting comparison, and one that is fascinating
to read about. 
	Sorry about ranting and raving here. I can justify the airline bit by
the PC comparison. It is a fascinating topic. 


Chris May
csa4ever -AT- ameritech.net
Aurora, IL

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