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Re: PC: Life Like Proto 1000 50' box car

Ken Writes:

> Just back from the NMRA conv. in KC saw the car and it is the X-72 that
> they made several years ago. 

I kinda figured that.

So, what does everyone out there want next?  Let me know and I'll start
kitbashing/scratchbuilding a couple.  Within a month or so, some major
manufacturer will announce they're making one as well. :^)

Just as an update, My flock of X72(A) cars received their underframe
details, cusion undeframes, grab irons and met with the paint stripper on
Sunday. Should be shooting the paint and doing the decals shortly.

It will be interesting to see what the P1K cars look like in comparison.

BTW, Ken, did you see anything else "PC" in Kansas City.  In the NMRA
contest room perhaps?

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