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Re: PC: PC paint schemes question

After the conversation about the green paint schemes between the NYC, and the
PC, I just have one question.  Is anyone familier with the Tarrytown, NY
former New York Central and then Penn Central station?  If so, I noticed on a
recent visit, that LIGHT GREEN paint is showing through the brown paint which
is chipping on parts of the wooden support brackets on the trackside of the
station.  Does anyone know exactly what I'm speaking of?   Anyway, this green
paint resembles that of the type used on NYC, and PC freight equipment, the
type that has recently been the subjuct of much converstation.  

If anyone remembers the Tarrytown, NY station on the Hudson Division, years
ago, either in the 1950s, 60s or early 70s, can you tell me exactly what shade
of green this is?  Was it the New York Central that painted this?  You can
still the green spots on the cut stone on the sides of the station, from the
paint that splashed when the wooden brackets were being painted that green!
They obviously didn't care who painted their stations by this time, and the
kind of job they did.  I know NYC used green for their stations, but was it
them that gave Tarrytown this paint job, or was it PC?

John Weyhausen

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