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Re: PC: PC paint schemes -Reply

>>> <Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com> 07/23/98 09:08am >>>

"Deep-water green"

> Whatever you call it, it is NOT Jade.

Just as the stuff applied to the PRR locomotive fleet was *NOT* called 
Brunswick Green. :^)  The official PRR name was "Dark Green
Enamel" (DGLE)  

Absolutely.  However, what I was inferring was that
NYC green is commonly called "Jade", and it is definitely 
a different shade from PC Green.  The way I see it, "Jade"
was already taken, so "Deepwater" or "PC Green" should
be used when referring to the PC paint.  There have been
modelling articles in the past where both the names and
paints were used interchangeably for NYC and PC equipment.

I have a fairly complete set of painting diagrams, and will have to
check to see if they contain any usefull information to add
to this thread.


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