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Re: PC: NS (and PC paint schemes) -Reply

>>> <Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com> 07/21/98 09:48am >>>

...... did the green used on
the freight cars have a name?  I have seen the phrase "Deepwater
used in some places, is this correct?  Or is it so unique we should just
call it Penn Central Green like all the paint makers do?


>From the March 1, 1968 issue of the Penn Central Post, the
employee newsletter (the first one), an article states 
"......officially called deep-water green".
It goes on, "This color was chosen not only because of its
distinctive look but also because tests had shown that it resisted
weathering better than other pigments."

This must be one of the earliest references to PC green as we
know it.  Note also the use of the hyphen.

Whatever you call it, it is NOT Jade.

It wouldn't surprise me if other official names were later used.
I would like to find out what suppliers called it.  The name DuPont
used is what I'm interested in, not what the model paint guys
call it today.


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