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Re: PC: MP-54

Evil Mike wrote:
> When were MP-54s finally phased out on
> commuter service?  There is a neat Green MP at Strassburg and it got me
> interested.  Did SEPTA or NJDoT or Conrail use them after PC?  I was
> also wondering about suburban operations in the Balto-Washington area.
I shot a set of MP-54s in service at Trenton, NJ on 8 Jan 77, so it
looks like they did see some limited service at the beginning of the
Conrail era -- but as you know, that didn't last very long.  I never saw
a Conrail painted MP-54.

The only MP-54s I am aware of that were used in the Baltimore/Washington
area were PC #659 and Washington Terminal #300.  Both were used to
shuttle railroad employees between Washington Union Station and the Ivy
City yards.

Gary Stuebben

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