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Re: PC: Passes

I was chased twice.  Once at Gray interlocking
near Tyrone, (I was sitting on the concrete slab
I assume was the old tower foundation drinking
(H2O) from my water bottle).  And the other time was at Burn at the west
end of Allentown yard.  (A very popular place, however I was walking on
the tracks on the bridge crossing the Lehigh River, and deserved to be
On the other side of the coin when in Allentown
yard proper, a Conrail Polceman showed me around.  A young guy too not
an old timer.  When at Gray, trout season had just opened 
and peole were all over the railroad heading for the water.  I was
politely told to, " leave the property because unlike secondary tracks
this was a high speed main line"  I thanked him and left.

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