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Re: PC: Fwd: [dandh] Fw: NS Is Stepping Up Tresspassing Prosecution!

Your message is not even worth making any more comment than "RUBBISH".
 As a large stockholder of NS private property is private.  Freight is
the only future for railroads NOT passengers.

---NYC4600 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> What I want to know is this.  Where are the RR police when graffiti
> are spraying up the RR overpasses, and box cars, and other RR
> Exactly, they're not there.  It's only when some pain in the a--
engineer, who
> is far from a real railroader (that's an endangered species-a real
> railroader), reports a railfan who photograped his train, or when
some RR cop
> catches them "trespassing."
> I like the idea about the passes, but if RR's don't want us on their
> they won't care if we're behaving or not.  They just won't want us
there in
> the first place.  After all, what harm is a railfan who, goes
trackside, waits
> for a train, doesn't litter at the site, and stays a safe distance
away from
> the tracks, and when the train comes, snaps a photo?  No harm at
> Hey, in the 1950s and 1960s, who were the ONLY people beside loyal
> that, respected and payed attention to the RR's?  IT WAS RAILFANS. 
> getting stopped at a grade crossing by just, "another slow, dirty
> became an annoyance to American people when planes and cars became
the big new
> thing, who were the people who were still amazed and fancinated by
the "slow,
> and dirty train?"  Again, IT WAS RAILFANS.
> Railfans were there for the RR's, to support, and ride them, from
day one.
> But now, when they're doing so great again because they shed the
> branchlines we loved and they hated, and they're turning profit,
> WANT US.  The great days are gone and over.  The saddest part is,
myself and
> anyone else my age never saw those days.  If the RR's don't want us,
well then
> fine, we won't be there for them the next time some new technology
comes in a
> and wipes them out for good.  Just as a hatred between NYC and PRR
> and then disappeared, lets all start it up again, this time between
us and NS!
> Now that the Class 1 RR's don't carry passengers anymore, who beside
> and their executives have heard of them?  No one.  Someone
interested in
> stocks may have seen a Class 1 on the stock page of the newspaper,
but that's
> it.  Years ago non railfan people knew names like, New York Central,
> Pennsylvania, Baltimore & Ohio, New Haven, Chicago, Northwestern and
> like non airfans (if that's what they call themselves) know names
like TWA,
> American Airlines, and others today.  We're the only non executives
at any
> RR's that know the names of them, and that keep up with the mergers.
> knows Amtrak, if they ride it or not.  In the NY area, they all know
> North RR, and Long Island RR, but they don't know Conrail.
> Good bye CR.  In the long run, we're all going to miss it more than
we ever
> thought.  This is why.  NS is my enemy now.  As a 100% New York
Central System
> fan, who never saw a real NYC or PRR train, to me, Norfolk Southern
is the PRR
> all over again.  This time, the NYC has surrendered a part of its
main line to
> them though.  Now, the NYC is really gone.  It's a shame it's being
cut up
> like its Hudson's were.  Farewell forever NYC.
> John Weyhausen

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