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PC: Life Like Proto 1000 50' box car

Just read on the RR Telegraph (http://www.onerrave.com/) 

> Life Like announced their New Proto-1000 Line. To quote, " This exciting
> new series offers hobbyists fantastic value: high-quality locomotives and
> freight cars at an affordable price! Proto-1000 features some of the best
> qualities of Proto 2000, but with a price than enables hobbyists to
> collect them all!"


> Three new freight cars will also be part of the Proto 1000 line. They
> include two road names for each car and each roadname is available in
> three different road numbers.

> The 50' High Roof Boxcar will be available in Penn Central and Western
> Pacific road names. 

Anyone have a clue what car this will be?  

My guess is that LL may have reworked their X72A cars.
If so, I'll be mildly amused, since I've got 5 of the old LL X72 cars 
"under the knife" right now...

They will also be releasing a PhII F3 in PRR freight colors.

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