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RE: PC: employees

Wow, thats some story!!! If ya have any more feel free to drop me a line. Thanks!!!!

Josh Trower

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  The day started as any other.  Same routine of 
signing on duty and getting the engines off the
pitt, coupling up to the train, doing brake test,
and meandering out of the yard.  It was the BL5
going out of P'burg on a hot July day in 74.  We had to take siding in
Frenchtown to let the Norh bound BL2 bye.  When we got to Trenton we
were delayed at Fair tower.  After about an hour we finally got the
signal to enter the main.
We crossed the Delaware River into Morrisville where we made a set off.
After making the set off we recoupled and headed South for what
should have been a non stop trip to Edgemore
(Wilmington Del).  We were just about to enter 
Philadelphia when the signals and catenary went dead.  A major fire
broke out in the area of Zoo tower that knocked out power.  It was rush
hour and we were the only train in the area at that time with DIESEL
power.  I never witnessed such chaos and a real team effort
to get things rolling again.  Our engines were pulled from our train and
went right to zoo
tower to pump air into the plant in order to operate switches.  All
movements were done
using any available diesel that could be found.
MP54s, GG1s, E44s, Metro liners all ELECTRIC units stalled and had to be
pulled/pushed by diesels.  What a show.  A
tremendous effort by all involved.  On duty
that day 26hrs.
R L Ader Freight trainman
Penn Central  N.J. Division
Hope this helps you Josh.

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