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Re: PC: Double Ended Crane

While on the topic of PC and the DRM, they just recieved last night (via the
old PC Harlem Line between North White Plains yard and Brewster, and the old
PC Maybrook Branch, between Brewster and Danbury) a former New York Central
double ended crane.  To give everyone an idea of when it came through, I
caught it at Valhalla, NY at 11:30 P.M.  It was northbound, being pulled by a
Metro-North Railroad GP-35, which was amazingly running long hood forward!

Anyway, I amde a trip to the Danbury Railway Museum today and saw it up there.
It's CR blue, but faded, and has an old Metro-North Commuter RR emblem on it.
It came with a flat car on each end of the crane car (which is self-propelled,
it has third rail shoes and all).  Showing through the paint on the faltcars
was either NYC or PC green.  Was this the original NYC green, or did PC do
this?  Does anyone who is familier with this crane know when it was built?  Is
the shade of green that people refer to as Penn Central green, the same shade
of green that the New York Central used?  The crane is an interesting item.

John Weyhausen

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