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Re: PC: Power Reallocation Question

ebulman -AT- bidmc.harvard.edu wrote:
> If I recall correctly, most of the Boston area Alco power left by 1973.
> Does anyone out there recall this, and the reasons behind this (better
> maintenance at Cedar Hill perhaps?). Thanks.
> Ed

I suspect the reason was retirement/scrapping.  By 1973, PC was getting
rid of first generation Alcos system-wide.  According to the often
mentioned PC System Bi-Annual, about 1500 locomotives (of all
manufacturers) were retired during 1968-73.  Another Alco hot spot,
Morrisville, PA, lost it's Alco switchers (S-2 and S-4) and early
roadswitchers (RS-1 and RS-3) around 1974. Also, around 1973, PC was
repowering RS-3s with EMD engines -- sure to take a bite out of an
already drindling roster.  The repowered units hung on through the early
Conrail years.

On the other hand, the big second generation Alcos (C-628 and C-630)
from PC, Reading, and LV were still pulling coal trains out of Mingo
Jct. in the late 1970s.  And I was still able to photograph RS-11s in
service at Morrisville in 1977.  

FYI, Amtrak RS-3 #140 was in Boston as late as March 1977, but I do not
know whether it was previously owned by PC.

Gary Stuebben

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