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PC: Fw: South-East Ohio PRR/T&OC Request for Information

We went down to Ohio last Saturday to investigate and map some old TO&C and the PRR Panhandle west of Columbus....
If anyone could offer PC discussion of any of the following it would be much appreciated:
Spore,Bucyrus,Martel,Edison,MtGilead,Fredricktown,MtVernon,Newark, Hanover, Black Run, Frazeyburg,Trinway, Conesville, Coshocton, Newcomerstown.
The trip was extremely enjoyable with probably the best Ohio weather I have ever been in!
When did the Bucyrus T&OC shops open and close as a RR shop? (it is now a contract repair facility with many old shop buildings on the site.
When was the PRR line north of Trinway abandoned and yanked? To the south is the Buckeye tourist RR.
Are the inaccessible Ohio Central (New rr) shops east of Coshocton new or are they ex P-Co.??
How is the power plant serviced at Conesville, when was it built?
When was the North -South PRR line at Newcomerstown pulled?  This line ran from Bayard to Marietta..It looks as if the north segment, which would have run in the street through the downtown area, has been pulled a long time ago.  The segment to the south looks like it may have been pulled in PC or early CR days...
Sorry if this is alot but inquiring minds want to KNOW...
Shawn O'Day

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