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Re: PC: PC in NJ and CT (and the last word on UK)

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>undoubtedly part of the Cape May Seashore Lines equipment, which also
>includes some P70's and other things, and at least 3 PRSL original 
>I can tell you that none of them is the M403, because that one is in
>Syracuse :o)
>Bill's Syracuse rail page 
>: From: Chris Osterhus <su_carbs -AT- hotmail.com>
>: To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
>: Subject: Re: PC: PC in NJ and CT (and the last word on UK)
>: Date: Monday, July 13, 1998 11:05 AM
>: I don't know about northern NJ, but when I was driving home from Cape 
>: May on Saturday, I saw a PRSL RDC (?) parked along route 9 (I think), 
>: along with an assortment of other interesting rolling stock.  
>: the car was moving too quickly to get a good look at the numbers.  
>: parked right across from what looks to be a burnt-down warehouse.
>: Enjoy!
>: --Chris Osterhus

The numbers for the CMSL RDC's are M 402, 405, 407, 408, 409, 410, 411, 
413, 414 and 415.  Only 407 is in service.  Most others are stored at 
Rio Grande, NJ.  You visit a some what dated website at 
http://www.erols.com/rowanb/cmsl.htm.  This page is full of information, 
but it hasn't been up dated recently.  You can call for information at 
(609)884-2675.  Their short senic service might soon extend to Tuckahoe 
and then it may become a commuter line connecting with NJT at Hammonton.  
                          Mike Brotzman

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