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PC: resend

     Hello all...

     Normally, I do not consider myself such a consumer of fine movies to
     make such a call, but I could not resist this one...

     I just viewed the ICE STORM last night for the first time. I do not
     know if this subject has been brought up before(appologies if it has),
     but the movies is based on the "sexual revolution" occuring in the
     1970's in suburban Connecticut. New Canaan Connecticut to be exact.
     Having grown up in that area(actually on the New Canaan/Darien
     boarder), I frequently rode the New Canaan branch in it's
     entirety(sp?). My earliest recollections were of riding the Pullman
     Standard 4400's (usually a single car on the weekends) and of the
     stations having no high level platforms. To my knowledge, the high
     level platforms did not arive untill the replacement metropolatins got
     on the property which was after or pretty soon after Conrail took over
     operations from the PC.

     That being said, from the begining of the movie, there are shots of
     M2's , not in PC livery, but apearing as a standard M2 with a Penn
     Central decal(black or green letters on a white background) placed
     directly above the decal from the Connecticut Department of
     Transportation!. Another interesting sight was having the M2's pull in
     to new Canaan with NO high level platform , but merely several sets of
     stepsgoing up to what apears to be an individual platform for each
     door. Now,It has been a few years since I have been there and maybe
     they removed the platform, but I rather doubt it. The last item to
     note was that there were frequent shots of the train as it transported
     one of the characters home to New Canaan. The shots were great but
     they were on a nice DOUBLE TRACK electrified line traveling eastbound
     on track 1. Last time I checked, there has not been a double track
     electrified passanger line in Connecticut on either the NEW Haven,
     Penn Central, Conrail or Metro North to say nothing of being signaled
     to run in both directions on either track(regarding the signal
     comment, I maybe all wet on this one).

     In fairness to the movie there were some great shots of New Canaan and
     a few of Grand Central Terminal.

     I would welcome any comments you have on this topic..


     **Rod Smith**

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