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PC: Champ decals

Recently somone offered to work with Champ Decals on re-running some of
their PC decals. Here is what I was able to pull from the Champion Decal
web page for PC decal sets. (Sorry about the long line format)  At any
rate, most of them are N/A in HO scale right now.  

I would be interested in purchasing several of each of these sets provided
we could get assurance of the "opacity" of their white ink.  I have had
some of their sets where the white wasn't as opaque as I felt it should or
could be.  

Auto Rack, "Deep Water Green" car, all white lettering. HO N/A,  CN-655 for O Scale
Box Car, 40' and 50' green car, original jumbo PC emblem, circa 1968. HO N/A, OB-388 for O Scale
Caboose, green car, white lettering. HO N/A,  CN-475 for O Scale
Caboose, white lettering for Deep Water Green car with bay window. HO N/A,  CN-479 for O Scale
Diesel - Hood, all white lettering for black locos.  EH-205 for HO Scale, E-205 for O Scale
Electric, white lettering.  EH-230 for HO Scale, O Scale N/A
Flat Car, for Green car.  HC-295 for HO Scale, CN-295 for O Scale
Gondola - Long, green car, lettering and herald white. HO N/A, OG-130 for O Scale
Hopper - Covered, Jumbo, gray car, lettering and herald in black. HO N/A, CN-486 for O Scale
Hy-Cube - 86' auto parts car, original jumbo PC emblem. HO N/A,  OB-390 for O Scale
Passenger, white heralds for painted cars. HO N/A, P-131 for O Scale
Passenger, black heralds for stainless steel cars. HO N/A,  P-133 for O Scale

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