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PC: Re: Mile posts

the line starts in Lyons NY, thus the "L" - At one time a wye was
desginated a part of this such that it came out at both CP 334 and CP 335,
but the Geneva-Lyons segement has since been downgaded to DCS and the wye
from WD to 334 is desginated #7 running track.

this line goes south to Geneva, SW to run down the lake and curves more
sharply SW at Watkins Glen to run to Corning.  in Corning it went west
parrallel to the EL main for at least a couple of miles, on the opposite
side of the river.   today it's set up with a wye on this end and the
Wellsboro & Corning runs up into Gang Mills from the south, with the
remaining track east/north of there a CR spur.

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: RICHARD ADER <RLA0220 -AT- webtv.net>
: To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
: Subject: PC: Mile posts
: Date: Wednesday, July 08, 1998 8:28 PM
: To you NYC people,
: Am I correct in assuming the letter or letters
: above the number (mile) stands for a town
: or city from which that number is miles from?
: If so, can someone please tell me what "L"
: is on the mile posts along the exNYC track
: (now partially abandoned from Jersey Shore
: Pa. to Wellsboro Jct. but still intact from the Jct
: to Corning N.Y.) ?  Using compass and rule on a scale map, I cannot find
: any town or city within the radii of the corresponding number
: that begins with L.  This letter is on both sides of the  post along
: with the number.  The posts are concrete, about 5' high, 5" thick, and a
: foot
: wide.  Anyone know where/what L is?
: Thanks
: Rich 

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