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PC: LaBelle Woodworking Web Site

     Good day all,

     I am pleased to announce that the New LaBelle Woodworking Company
     now has a web site available at:


     Labelle Woodworking manufactures quality wood model railroad kits
     for some of those hard to find older style HO Passenger & Freight
     Cars, HOn3 Passenger and Freight Cars, HO Traction kits, O Scale
     passenger & Freight Cars, O Scale Traction and On3 kits.

     The Labelle site includes drawings of the various kits as well as
     price list/order forms for all of their kits, accessories and
     custom decals.

     Accessories include HO and O passenger car & freight car trucks,
     narrow gauge trucks for HO and O passenger and HO freight cars,
     HO Traction power units and more.

     Stop by and take a look, and then, spread the word.


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