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Re: PC: Round roof boxcars

In a message dated 98-07-06 08:50:52 EDT, stuebben -AT- flash.net writes:

<< Does anyone have any photos (that I could perhaps borrow for a modelling
 > project), of ex-PRR X-31A and/or X-32 round roof boxcars, in PC paint?  I
 > believe some of these once-numerous 1930's babies survived to see PC paint,
 > although I don't personally recall seeing any.   Thanks gang.
 Please provide number series for us photographers who can't identify car
 types by class.  Thanks. >>

Well, the problem is I'm not sure IF any made it long enough to receive a PC
roadnumber, but when they were PRR cars, the 40 foot (class X-31A) cars were
in the number series of  67400-68999, 7000-70399, and 76400-81099; the 50 foot
cars (class X-32) were in the series of 47186-49299, 58800-59499 and

I doubt they retained any of those numbers under PC, as PC boxcars normally
would be in the 100,000 and 200,000 series - perhaps someone out there knows
what the new, post-merger number series would be for these classes??    I wish
I knew more.  My best guesses would be somewhere in the low 250,000 series, or
perhaps the 150,000's-or-below, but I could be just as easily wrong as right
(and especially if they wound up being converted to some odd use).

One thing is sure- they would have stood out in any yard, with a round roof
and a new green paint job!

Thanks again.

Ned Schwartz

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