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PC: Book review...

"Diesels to Park Avenue, The FL9 Story"  

Snopek, LaMay
Published by New England Rails
ISBN: 9656304-0-04

OK, The locos start off New Haven and end up New Haven, but the middle of
their lives were spent in black or blue/yellow PC colors.  If you are a fan
of the EMD dual mode F units, this book is a must have.  It covers the
entire story of the FL9 locomotive from concept in the mid 50's to current
day commuter traffic in the mid 90's.  

The book includes a chapter for each phase of the FL9's history as it
passed through at least a half dozen different owners and even more paint
jobs. Each section is highlighted by fantastic color photos from various
sources and well researched text explaining the reason these F units have
managed to stay alive longer than most ever expected.

This book is available in both soft and hardbound versions.  Hardcover runs
about $38 while the soft bound is $30.

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