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PC: PC Acquisitions

Hey, where is everybody?

I went to the model railroad open house in Weymouth, MA this weekend and
picked up a few PC items, which I don't usually do. My interest has greatly
increased as a result of this list.

I picked up a green Mantua F9 for $8 (was this price OK?). The PC worms
were orange and white, and not well painted on the nose (when would this
date from, '68-70?). It supposedly runs, but I will have to wait to check
this out as I have no track available to me at this time. I also snagged a
$2 boxed AHM PC 40' gondola for my seven year old nephew (get him started
early). The blue and yellow box reminded me of the good old days of
1971-72, when Woolworths used to carry them for 99 cents. Great for a kid
who didn't care about scale modelling at the time.

I bought some paper items, a 1970 route map and a 1968 safety manual. Not a
bad take, overall.


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