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Re: PC: Re: H-10-44 in PC?

Evan F. Ferrari - 4352050 wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, R & D Johnson wrote:
> > According to "Penn Central Power" by Robert Yanosey, no H10-44 were ever
> > painted in pC, and the only FM switcher to see PC paint was ex NYC H12-44
> > #8315.
> >
> > RJ
> "Penn Central Power" (The Bible) says that no NYC or Penn H-10-44's got
> painted PC but it does not say anything about New Haven.  That's why i was
> asking.  Thanks for the info though.
> evan

According to "Penn Central System Bi-Annual" (The Old Testament), all
H-10-44s came from P&LE (4 units), NYC (7 units), or PRR (55 units). 

Three PRR units were retired before renumbering, never received PC
All NYC units were retired before merger.
All PRR units were retired by the end of 1971.

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