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Re: PC: H-16-44s in PC

You won't find anyone that will argue against a modeler doing whatever
suits him.  Same goes for manufacturers.  "Life Like" made green PC
F-7s, Athearn produced a PRR DD-40, Penn Line made a Great Northern
GG-1, Walthers ran Penn Central steam decals ... the list is endless.
Many O gaugers even run 3 rail track. Lots of folks must buy this
unprototypical stuff.

But the person who originally asked the question is obviously interested
in accuracy, and the answer seems to be that no H-10-44s were repainted
in full PC paint.  So, if a modeler wants to do an accurate paint job
representing the PC as it existed circa. 1968-70, he'd use a predecessor
road's paint scheme on an H-10-44. Every engine on the roster as of 1
Feb. 68 was a "PC" engine, even those that were never repainted. Why do
an unprototypical paint job, when it's just as easy to do an accurate

Gary Stuebben
San Antonio, TX

Bastler wrote:
> What happened to the "whatif" conversation on here?  Unless you're
> trying to be super prototypical I say go ahead and paint your H-10 in
> PC I won't mind...
> Date:          Thu, 26 Mar 1998 21:20:30 -0800
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> Subject:       PC: H-16-44s in PC
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> ddevene wrote:
> > For what it is worth, I have a black and white of H-16-44 5169 in PC
> > paint, but did not know if you were counting these either.
> >
> > Dale DeVene
> Several H-16-44s were painted up in full PC paint -- I have photos of
> 5158, 5161, 5166, and 5170 -- but these are roadswitchers.
> Gary Stuebben
> San Antonio, TX

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