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Re: Kellogs cars Re: PC: PC Hopper

Thanks to whom ever for the clarification on the length of those ex 
PC now Kellogs Box cars and I apologize for not thanking you by name 
but I had deleted your message before getting your name.

Now for a few more sightings in and around Elkhart IN, Particularly 
the Robert Young Yard, Today 22March, anothe rBox Car ex PC this time 
it was a 50' was lettered for CR with white paint (maybe when CR 
first took over PC???) had a plug door #368370, a gondola #592170, 
another train west bound with a caboose at its tailend N21 baywindow 
#21309. sightings within the last week, PC steel coil cars #627725, 
622640, 627574, 606315. Gon #551079 and for those of you who possibly 
follow fallen flags that were formed into the soon to be merged 
Conrail, Reading Open Hopper# 483556, covered hopper #78913_?

Thank you for your time please feel free to correct me at anytime...


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