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Re: PC: PC Hopper

rkiefer reported a pack of PC boxcars in the 281300 series, but what reporting
marks did these cars actually have?  Under PC these were class X79 cars leased
to The Kellog Co.  This info can be found both in the ORER and Morning Sun's
new book on PC equipment.  The PC book (a MUST have for even
the casual fan) goes on to say these cars were
sold outright to Kellog after Conrail, keeping their numbers.
A check of my most recent ORER, which is already seven years old, lists 96
cars in service out of the original 100, with the reporting marks KELX.  Funny
how some of the carbody dimensions changed.... must be either inflation or old
age. :)

I suppose they still go in and out of Battle Creek and often get shipped in
groups.  They are 60' cars with a 16' door opening.

Does anybody know about how many cars of this series are still in PC paint?
Kellog owns other cars - do they have their own paint scheme?

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