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PC: Re: P&LE/PC question & thnaks

Garret and the group:

Many thanks for the replies; the info submitted has been very helpful in
resolving a couple of longstanding questions.

Garrett Rea wrote:
> >P&LE using  BOTH P&LE markings and a small(?) PC worm?
> When did the P&LE become its own?  I have seen P&LE with NYC and PC
> marks--but lately I have seen cars with just P&LE on them here in Nashville,
> once being towed by Wisconsin Central locos including one F45 and two SD45s!
> (WC reporting marks on cars).

AFAIK, P&LE's "independence" came in '79 or thereabouts; during the '80s
I lived along the line, and saw more plain "P&LE" marked cars than
anything else. For a long time I remember them using a PC Green (or
something close to it) scheme. Later on, there was a scheme that was
almost tuscany red or something similiar. Some hoppers also got a large
yellowish P&LE. As i remember, the only time I ever saw the PC/P&LE cars
was in passing at the McKees Rocks yard. Saw the NYC marked cars quite a
bit...Almost a little bit of PC into the '80s....


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