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> Date:          Mon, 16 Mar 1998 15:36:09 -0500
> From:          Jim Hebner <hebnerj -AT- clark.cc.oh.us>
> To:            penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject:       PC: PC(V)HS

> I will be out of town for a few days (in AZ getting warm) When I get back I
> want to spend more time on this.
> Some early thoughts are to...
> ...check with other Historical Societies about their organization, charter and
> other legal issues.

	A solid base makes for a good start. Agreed.
> ...decide about virtual or real - the last few weeks e-mails show (to me at
> least) that there is interest perhaps enough for a real group.

	I don't see a necessity to decide BETWEEN virtual or
	real. The one compliments the other. It may start here,
	but if it is to succeed, it will have to spread to those who
	are not on-line. There are many many resources that we
	cannot begin to handle without a non-internet base.
	Having started here, we can avoid some of the 'hide-bound'
	thing of those who have gone before and believe that the
	Internet is only a passing fancy.

	The virtual can easily be the rapid communications medium
	that makes the real easier to build.
> decide if we meet to form/discuss this thing - and where or when.

	Much organization can be done right here, but I expect that
	it will be necessary for people to meet face to face to begin
	the non-internet building process.
> I am not an organization genius - but am tired of waiting for a PC Society to
> form and am just trying to get it going.
	Everything starts somewhere.  :-)


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