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Re: PC: Sighting in Buffalo NY 3/15/98

All of the slugs I have seen at Frontier for at least the last year have
been in the Q paint.  Actually the "mother" units for these slugs are also
recently repainted so the colors look quite nice with large amounts of the
Scotchlite decaling on them.

They look especially good from the I-90 when they are shoving or pulling a
string of cars around the east end of the yard to or from the hump. Those
decals lit up like they are lit.

At 16:22 3/15/98 EST, AGO3 wrote:
>In a message dated 98-03-15 15:43:32 EST, you write:
><< The MT-4's were all RS-11 in their earlier life from either the PRR,NYC or
> . I have the roster breakdown if you want to know the history of a
> unit. The MT-6 were either RSD-12 or RSD-15 all ex PRR. Again I have the
> roster info if needed. 
>                                                     Ken McCorry >>
>In addition, as Conrail retired their SD-45s, some of the trucks were used to
>replace the Alco ones on the MT-6s.  Selkirk has MT-6s and some of them have
>recently been repainted to the new "Quality" paint scheme.
>A Olsen
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