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PC: PC historical society

I would be interested in forming a PC historical society. There isn't
much I can do to provide articles, and my photo library is limited. I do
have nearly all the stuff on the web page bibliography, and then some. I
can provide administrative help, such as membership information  and
rosters, and helping members get in touch with one another.

I don't think you can gauge the interest in this by the response so far.
You are only dealing with the folks who have inter-net access. I'm a PC
die hard, but have only stumbled on the web site in the past week. Also,
most societies are held together by only a few people. Most folks write
an occasional article, or just subscribe to the magazine. Where would
the Anthracite RR Society be without Richard Jahn?

If we could figure out some articles or photo spreads to cover a few
magazine issues, this is as good as it is likely to get. Also, does
anyone have a PC with a publishing program? And does the stuff get



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	I have been watching this thread for a few days thinking - this
would be the
	perfect thing for a Historical Society to coordinate.

	A few weeks ago I asked if any one was interested in forming one
( Real or
	Virtual ) but only got about four or five replies. (Which I
still have)

	Any one interested? 

	Jim Hebner
	Penn Central Caboose Photo Archives

	PS anyone going to the Conrail Technical Sociey Meeting in
Cleveland Ohio in
	April 30-May 3? Maybe we could meet there and start something.
(If the Blue
	guys remember their roots)

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