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Re: PC: PC fans

>Hey!  I resemble that remark. Being born in 1959 and graduating from 
>highschool in 1978, PC was all I practicully knew around here.  A 
>near 10 year existence is a short time for some but maybe it was the 
>foul taste in others mouths by the management fiasco of the PC that 
>has hindered the modeling of the railroad.  Besides there are plenty 
>of prototype equipment floating around of the RDG, PC, EL  to add 
>to ones CR layout.
The reason I model the PC, as it's mostly all I remember.  Even though I 
grew up in the late 70s, I can't really remember much about Conrail's 
early operations.  But, I can remember meeting my grandparents at 
Pittsburgh's ex-PRR train station.  The ex-PC E-units, and mismatched 
passenger cars I can still see, as if it was yesterday.  I also remember 
the battered appearance of the station (before it was restored).  I also 
remember standing on my great-grandmother's porch in Waynesburg, PA, 
watching the black,grime-covered locomotives roaring through the 
crossing on SR 218.

I also like the PC's varied roster of locomotives.  What other railroad 
ran F-units along with GP40s?  Who else had the famous Metroliners?

--Chris Osterhus

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