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PC: pennroad

Pennroad was established by W.W. Atterbury, the pres of the PRR and the
PRR's Board of Directors to circumvent government antitrust restrictions.

Henry Ford sold the DT&I to Pennroad in 1929.  In 1951
the Pennsylvania Company, a PRR subsidiary, and the 
Wabash purchased the DT&I.  In 1965 the Wabash sold
its interest in the DTI to the Pennsylvania Company.
Subsequently, the Penn Central offered the DT&I for
sale and it was purchased by the Grand Trunk Western
in 1980 (please remember that Penn Central existed
as a large and even profitable company after the 
formation of Conrail).

Kalmbach published a book titled The Historical Guide to North American
Railroads which should be
on every railfan's bookshelf.  A brief consultation of it and a few other
basic reference books would
eliminate the need to ask many of the questions I see posted on the various


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