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Re: PC: Early PC models

In a message dated 98-03-03 22:40:21 EST, you write:

> Atlas produced Penn Central GP40's in 1975, Manufactured by Roco in Austria.
>  Also a GP38 Both were accurate paint Both were top runners all 6 of my
> s
>  and 5 of the six GP38's (One going for parts) are still running like Gang-
>  busters!   Ed St.George

The usual problem w/ those roco diesels is the two piece tread/wheel
assemblies coming apart ( they have a metal tread piece press fit on a
plastic inner wheel/axle). I've never had any luck gluing these back
together so they weren't prone to wobble ( there is a word for it but
I can't think of it). I was in a club that had bought a case of 38's and
40's from Hobbies for Men as club engines and we ran the wheels
off of those suckers, literally. When we closed the club after 15 years
we had replaced the underframes w/ the mid 80's Atlas re-issues and
trashed a few of those too :^(. But I ended up with a box of spares
that has kept the 5-6 engines I have left purring away....

I have one of the Atlas SD35's in PC paint but the lettering isn't very
opaque and so I painted one up as 6001 based on photos I took in
Messina NY in late '76. I've always meant to try weathering the factory
paint job up reall heavy and see what that does for it but never got around
to it.....


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