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Re: PC: Pennroad

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Pennroad the corporate name of the 
compant that ran the DT&I and some others that were not part of the 
PC merger?   I remember reading some thing like that some where.  As 
I recall these other railroads were in the black financially and were 
not part of the merger as a result... I could be wrong though but I 
will check in to it.

Date:          Thu, 5 Mar 1998 22:41:57 -0600
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From:          jdobek -AT- mvp.net (Jeffrey Dobek)
Subject:       Re: PC: Pennroad
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>Never heard of Pennroad. What type of business or service are they in?
>Since DTI was owned by NYC and NW, most likely the later PC may have been
>connected to Pennroad. Is Pennroad still in business?

I believe Pennroad was owned by the Pennsy. The NYC didn't have an
ownership hand in the DT&I at all. At one time Wabash (pre-NW) had a stake
in the Ann Arbor, which later came under DT&I control.

Jeffrey Dobek
St. Louis

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