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Re: PC: Cabooses

> From:          BDXT30A -AT- prodigy.com ( JEROME A ROSENFELD)
> Date:          Thu,  5 Mar 1998 17:46:43, -0500
> To:            penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject:       PC: Cabooses
> Reply-to:      penn-central -AT- smellycat.com

It is correct that the EL, DLW, Erie never owned any extended vision 
cabooses. The Erie brought a fleet of bay window cabooses into the 
merger and a fleet of coupla cabooses. The DLW brought only coupla 
cabooses into the merger. The EL purchase an order of bay window 
cabooses after the merger from International Car.
Bob Stafford
> Pete,
>      ERIE, DLW and EL Never owned any Extended Vision Cabooses. They 
> only owned bay window styles in the 70's with ex-Erie coupola 
> cabooses used on local freights and the DLW ones mostly on work 
> trains.
>                  Jerome

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