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Re: PC: Early PC models

   I asked the same question a while back and was told Chrysler Mopar
Engine Block Green was a close match though I've yet to check it out.   Up
til now I've used Floquil coach green spray and recently have experimented
with Testors medium green.   I have an actual PC logo on green for ex-NH
cars (purchased at a show) and it is a tough color to match.    What are
you using for decals?   I'm assuming you have some Champion sets
(discontinued) but if you have another method I'm curious to know.
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> Subject: Re: PC: Early PC models
> Date: Wednesday, March 04, 1998 9:50 AM
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> While we are talking about PC passenger car paint, does any one know 
> the correct formula to make PC passenger car green? I have a B60 
> baggage car I want to do in PC, just the lack of paint is stopping 
> me.
> Bob Stafford
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