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Re: PC: PC RR Police cars

As a former Penn Central Police Officer, let me inform you that the cars on
the old Pennsylvania side had no markings except for one in southern NJ.  Most
of them had no police lights or sirens.  The cars on the NYC side were well
marked.  The NYC RR Police were probably the first police agency anywhere to
adapt reflectorized decals.  In NYS they had the NYS coat of arms on a NY
police shield with the words Penn Central RR  and the large words police.
These cars were fully equipped police cars with radios, emergency light rack
and sirens.  (BTW most Pennsy side cars had radio telephones instead of a
regular radio).  They ran their police department more like a security guard
service than a police department.  The formere NYC side ran their department
like a police department.  Although one department in name, it essentially
remained two different departments.

I'm using my son's site to answer this email.  I can be reached at
JohnWey101 -AT- aol.com.

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